Marti and Waterview Corporation are one of the top 100 ProAdvisors in the business. Clients have been leaving five star reviews every time; here are some fantastic testimonials:


“Marti has supported our non profit on a quarterly basis for years. Her expertise has been instrumental in making sure our non profit is compliant with state and federal employment tax reporting. She is a delight to work with and is always able to answer all of our QB questions. Marti’s title of “PRO-ADVISOR” is a perfect description of what she does and how she works.”


“Marti listened to my software issues and then with remote access to my computer, led me directly to a fix. Access to her Top Tier Technical support was invaluable for this situation because I work on a MAC. Marti’s trouble-shooting skills were spot-on and saved both of us a lot of time dealing with and correcting this problem. Marti offered sound advise for moving forward and avoiding similar trouble in the future. She was a pleasure to work with. Thank you!”


“With all the issues in starting up my own company, learning how to set-up Quick Books was one thing I was dreading since computer expertise is not one of my top skills. Fortunately, it IS Marti’s skill. Her title, ProAdvisor, is certainly appropriate. She made the whole process clear and logical. My many questions were answered simply and concisely. She is a delight to work with. I really lucked out in finding her.”


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